Trump said that there are problems at the NATO

Donald Trump The US President-elect Donald trump believes that NATO is an obsolete organization. This opinion he expressed in an interview with the newspaper the Times and Bild. “I have long said that NATO has problems. First, she dated, because it was designed many years ago,” said trump. “Two countries are no longer paying what they should pay,” he continued. Also, according to trump, NATO is not enough attention to terrorism, and this is a disadvantage, indicating that the Alliance is outdated. The President-elect said that now only five countries — NATO members spend on defense as much as needed. Among them he called the UK. Thus, according to trump, despite all this, NATO is “very important for him”. During the election campaign, April 3, trump made the collapse of the North Atlantic Alliance and called it obsolete. He said that if the allies do not begin to pay, it

Found the bodies of 4 teenagers drowned in the Krasnodar region

Found the body of a fourth teenager fell through the ice of the Kirpili river in the Krasnodar region. This was reported RIA Novosti on the night of Monday, January 16, in the southern regional emergency center of Russia. “At 01:26 Moscow time rescuers of the southern regional search and rescue team found the body of the fourth victim of a teenager. Search and rescue operations will stop,” said the Agency. The incident occurred on Sunday, January 15, in the area of the village Gardener in Timashevsk region. Five adolescents aged 13-14 years were returning home from a walk. Deciding to take a short cut, they went on the ice on the river and failed. One child was rescued, the evening and night were found the bodies of the others. Search takes a group of rescuers of 80 people were involved 22 pieces of equipment. In fact the incident started

Russian and Chinese diplomats in Moscow hold a closed meeting on ATS

Photo: RIA Novosti Diplomats of Russia and China on Friday conducted a meeting dedicated to the issues of the Syrian settlement, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event. The Russian side in these negotiations is the Director of the Department of Middle East and North Africa Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin. From China — the special representative of China on Syria Xie Xiaoyan. The meeting was held in the building of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation in a closed format. It is expected that by the end of the talks, the diplomats will make a joint statement to the press. The UN Security Council on 31 December unanimously adopted the proposed Russian-Turkish resolution in support of a ceasefire in Syria. A number of members of the security Council in their statements said that they are ready to adopt a resolution with certain

A resident of Sosnovka told how I had a family, hacked to death a teenager

The teenager, who is suspected in the brutal massacre of his own sister, father and grandmother in the Tambov region, he was asked to call an ambulance from a local resident, and then brought her to the house where lay the corpses. This TV channel “Zvezda” she told a local resident named Tatyana.   “I saw it, it was from one to two days. He knocked on my window. He asked me me to the ambulance was called. He said no sister, the father of lies, moaning, covered in blood. I offered him to go together to their home and from there to call an ambulance. He vaguely spoke, because I asked him to go and see who and why to call an ambulance. We got dressed and went,” shared Tatiana.   According to her, in every room of the house and lay on the body. Was alive only father,

The Turkish Parliament has approved in the first reading amendments to the Constitution

The Turkish Parliament has approved in the first reading amendments to the Constitution. It is reported by Anadolu. The draft of the new Constitution provides for a sharp increase in the powers of the President. In particular, the head of state will be able to lead the Cabinet of Ministers or to single-handedly appoint the Prime Minister. Also in case of adoption of the document in direct subordination of the head of state will pass the country’s armed forces and intelligence agencies. Currently they are governed by a collegiate body — the Supreme military Council. Another important innovation may be the return of the death penalty. In addition, under the draft Constitution, the lower age limit for the nomination of deputies will be reduced from 25 to 18, the number of MPs will increase from 550 to 600, and those related to military service, will be deprived of passive suffrage.

At Domodedovo airport urgently villages who arrived from Frankfurt the plane

Aircraft A321 of the German airline Lufthansa made an emergency landing in Moscow’s Domodedovo airport due to technical problems. TASS on Sunday, January 15, reported a source in the emergency services. The landing was made at 22:30. The plane to Moscow from Frankfurt. “Operational services of the airport has implemented the necessary measures to ensure fitment. Injured in the incident. The airport works in a regular mode”, — said Domodedovo. According to a source “Interfax”, on approach to Moscow, the crew reported overheating with damage to the windshield and also on a possible fire, which managed to eliminate their own. “After that, the crew safely landed the plane in Domodedovo”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Regiment of s-400 to intercede on combat duty in the Crimea

Photo: RIA Novosti Press service of the southern military district said that on Saturday, January 14, on combat duty in the Crimea will be put anti-aircraft missile regiment of s-400 “Triumph”, according to the Rambler/news citing TASS. Formation of the group was completed in 2016. In August was carried out training missile launches. “Anti-aircraft missile regiment of the 4th army of air forces and air defense of the southern military district, stationed in the Crimea, January 14 will be held the ritual of intercession on combat duty command post and a division of s-400 “Triumph”, — told the press service. It is noted that each unit of s-400 can simultaneously fire 36. The shells of Triumph strike cruise missiles, helicopters, aircraft and ballistic targets moving at a speed of 4.8 km/h at altitude from a few meters to several tens of kilometers. Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday, January