A resident of Sosnovka told how I had a family, hacked to death a teenager

The teenager, who is suspected in the brutal massacre of his own sister, father and grandmother in the Tambov region, he was asked to call an ambulance from a local resident, and then brought her to the house where lay the corpses. This TV channel “Zvezda” she told a local resident named Tatyana.


“I saw it, it was from one to two days. He knocked on my window. He asked me me to the ambulance was called. He said no sister, the father of lies, moaning, covered in blood. I offered him to go together to their home and from there to call an ambulance. He vaguely spoke, because I asked him to go and see who and why to call an ambulance. We got dressed and went,” shared Tatiana.


According to her, in every room of the house and lay on the body. Was alive only father, it was all covered with blood.


“When I entered the house… I wish I had not entered it. The bodies I saw there. I knew very well. Alexander at this time, the corridor remained, stood behind. And I went into the house. Passed three rooms and each was a corpse. Rather, the father was still alive. We went back to my house and from there I already called the ambulance. The ambulance arrived quickly, within five minutes. Father alive was taken. The wound was visible, it was just covered in blood. Very scary. Not the right word – scary,” – said a local resident.


Earlier it became known that in one of the houses of the village of Sosnovka 17-year-old teen hacked to death a 67-year-old grandmother, 43-year-old father and 14-year-old sister. Now the suspect is detained. Investigators believe that the motive for the triple murder was a domestic conflict.