In the Crimea became more active Ukrainian saboteurs – Patrushev

In the Crimea aktiviziruyutsya Ukrainian saboteurs, stated Secretary of the security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev in an interview to”Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.


According to Patrushev, now increases the importance of external factors, which in the aggregate constitute a terrorist threat to the Russian Federation. These factors are associated with what is happening in different countries, including Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. The list also includes Ukraine in connection with the increased activity of the Ukrainian special services, which is carried out on the territory of Crimea subversive and terrorist activities.


“We plan to continue work aimed at strengthening the monitoring of persons arriving from countries with increased terrorist activity… of Course, serious efforts will be focused on the security held in Russia and major international sports events”, – said Patrushev.


The Secretary of the Russian security Council stressed that the ongoing operational activities quite effectively allow you to control the growth of the terrorist threat in the country. Last year it was possible to identify more than 900 persons related to terrorist activities.

Photo: imago / stock&people / Globallookpress