Classmates talked about the Satanism who killed family with an axe a teenager

A teenager from the Tambov region, the suspect in the murder of his family, professed Satanism. About his classmates on Sunday, January 15, told the journalists of the TV channel “360”.

“He said he was a Satanist. The death of God, and so on. But with us it was simple,” said one of the schoolmates of the young man. Classmates also reported that 17-year-old young man was not sociable and never had problems and never fought.

Shortly before the murder was depressed and said he wanted to change something in life.

One of the friends of the detainee, told REN TV that he had “problems with his head” after his mother’s death. “He repeatedly mentioned that he does not believe in God. He said that God delivered him and that he disappointed in him. During the interrogation said, “Why did you kill my family.” He said: “I wanted to create their own satanic group” a”, — the interlocutor told journalists.

According to investigators, on the night of 14 January, the young man killed the sleeping father, sister and grandmother. The murder weapon was an axe. A girl and a woman died on the spot, the man was admitted, but could not save. The teenager is detained, the court soon will decide on his arrest.

The TV channel “360” citing an unnamed law enforcement source gives a different version of what happened: a young man allegedly left the house early in the morning, and when I came back, saw relatives killed.

Neighbors of the family told reporters that the reason for the conflict could be the widowed father of a family bringing home a new beloved.