Poland is on the verge of anti-Ukrainian pogroms

President branch of the human rights of the organization of Homo Faber in the Polish city of Lubin Anna Dabrowska warns that the country in fact is on the verge of anti-Ukrainian pogroms, writes Gazeta Wyborcza in Lublin. The human rights activist notes that the attitude of poles to Ukrainians was not so bad since 1989.


“Contemptuous attacks against Ukrainians… Contemptuous ridicule, contemptuous lyrics, contemptuous interpretation, this also applies to government representatives, gained control of the poles” – says Dabrowska.


According to her, the country’s entrenched attitude to the Ukrainians as second-class citizens, servants clean up after the poles.


“This stereotype is pretty firmly entrenched in the Polish public consciousness,” said human rights activist.


Dobrovska pays attention that much to the increasing confrontation between poles and Ukrainians makes the Polish government. In particular, ignoring the facts of xenophobia and racism, explains Dabrowska.


Call it another reason this attitude of poles towards Ukrainians.


“Only a minority sees Poland a multinational state. First, the poles made it a condition to the Jews: if you want to live in our cities, cut sidelocks and speak our language, and the Jews even changed their names. It is up to the Ukrainians”, – adds the human rights activist.


She spoke about his relations with many Ukrainian families living in the Polish city of Przemysl.


“I was there (in Przemysl – approx. ed.), talked with the Ukrainian families. They live in Poland for a very long time, many were born here and don’t want to leave. But many now live, feeling threatened, they are afraid for their children, in anticipation of the Ukrainian pogroms ” – said Dabrowska.


In June 2016 March organized by the Ukrainian Diaspora in the Polish town of Przemysl, angered local residents because of the pronounced nationalist sentiment. Local residents welcomed the protesters and started chanting “Przemysl – always Polish!”, “There is a stick on the snout Bandera!” and “Bandera and their supporters – out of Poland!”. From the crowd answered: “Poland has not perished, but not for long.” Then between the marchers and activists clashes.

Photo: Maciej Luczniewski / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress