Former President of Finland told about the fate of a living gift from Medvedev


RIA Novosti

Former President of Finland Tarja Halonen showed the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with a picture of a cat Maggie that he gave her four years ago. On Thursday, January 12, reports TASS.

“I would like to tell you a secret — I promised to bring the Prime Minister to the picture of the cat. The cat’s name is Maggie. And I took this photo and told the Prime Minister that my cat does very well,” said with a smile Halonen, speaking at the Gaidar forum in Moscow, which was also attended by Medvedev.

She said that the Prime Minister gave her a cat breed Neva masquerade, knowing that one of two cats Halonen died.

“Very beautiful, with blue eyes. She grew up and now it is a full cat. It is, when I want, knows how to behave very well,” he listed the advantages of female Halonen.

Kitten named Maggie, born in August 2012, was transferred from Moscow to Helsinki by train in January 2013. Halonen took him to the Russian Embassy. Former President of Finland expecting a gift since November 2012, when at an informal meeting in one of the cafes in Helsinki, Medvedev showed her a photo of the animal.

Neva masquerade Siberian differs from the only color — Siamese. The animal usually reaches 8-10 pounds of weight, but cats are much smaller and sleeker cats. The Medvedev also lives a cat of this breed named Dorofei.