The Polish defense Ministry predicts the end of “Russia’s domination in Europe”

Placement of U.S. troops and NATO in Poland put an end to Russian dominance in Europe, the head of the Ministry of defense Anthony Macierewicz. About it writes RIA Novosti.

American soldiers, as reported by Reuters, arrived in Poland for nine months as part of operation Atlantic resolve. It is noted that between the rotations there will be no interruptions, so the us military will be in the region permanently.

U.S. servicemen will participate in exercises with the Europeans. In the composition of the brigade combat team – about 3.5 thousand military, 87 tanks, 18 self-propelled Paladin howitzers, more than 400 Humwee vehicles and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles 144.

“The location of U.S. and NATO forces in Poland will complete Russian dominance in Europe… the Conditioning of existence of the Polish state by the Soviet decision, which… we had to constantly reflect, not impose any Russian veto against any actions, can we truly do what’s good for the people – all of this is over,” said Macierewicz in Polish TV.

As noted by the head of the Polish military Department, trump and senior American officials know Russia and that “it is a threat.” In this regard, according to him, the attitude towards Russia in the near future will not.

Macierewicz, commented on Moscow’s statement that it is not for anybody as a threat, but the deployment of NATO troops in Eastern Europe – a provocation.

“These words Express concern and great disappointment that the ends of the dominance phase of the first Soviet, and now Russian, over Central Europe. In Poland will be in command of a tank brigade and NATO forces, because Poland is the key to Europe. Is the territory which makes the decision about whether the withheld possible Russian attack or not,” he added.

Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa / globallookpress