Zakharov took Obama nine days to the destruction of the world

Maria Zakharova

The administration of outgoing President Barack Obama has two days more for the destruction of the world than had God on his creation. Reacted to the intention of American senators to impose new sanctions against Russia, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“God created the world in seven days. The Obama administration on two more days to destroy it”, — she wrote in Facebook.

Zakharova described the actions of Washington, including new sanctions and arming the Syrian opposition as “totally pointless, but harmful actions in all areas of foreign policy.”

January 10, a number of senators-Republicans and Democrats introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia because of cyber attacks and the situation in Ukraine and Syria. The document, in particular, foresees the introduction of restrictions for cooperation with the power structures of the Russian Federation, and also for the support of hackers. In addition, it restricts investment in the energy sector of Russia.

9 Jan Zakharov joked on the subject of Russian hackers who, according to Washington, Moscow has attracted the intervention of the presidential campaign in the United States. “I think, “Russian hackers” if something is hacked in America, it’s two things: the brain [President Barack] Obama and, of course, the report about “Russian hackers”” she said.

January 6 was published declassified version of the report prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA, in which he argued that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign to influence the political process in the United States. In Moscow these accusations were consistently denied.

In presidential elections held November 8, 2016, defeated Republican Donald trump, who during the election campaign promised to improve relations with Moscow. The inauguration of the new head of the White house on 20 January.