The pathos of talk: how left their positions, the presidents of the United States

The tradition of a final address to the nation established the first U.S. President George Washington. At the end of the EIGHTEENTH century, he urged his successors to maintain peace and harmony with all countries. But, as history has shown, it often happens that everything happened exactly the opposite.


“Maintain peace and harmony with all. Nothing is more significant than the rejection of a permanent, deep-rooted hostility towards some countries, and a passionate attachment to others”, said George Washington.


Under Ronald Reagan the US was involved in the internal Affairs of States in different parts of the world – from the Middle East and Latin America to Africa and Eastern Europe, and that with him after the destruction of the Warsaw Pact was embarked on the creation of a unipolar world. In his farewell speech, Reagan pathetic and said his administration “had planned to change the nation and changed the world”.


George H. W. Bush, whose presidential term in the early 1990-ies was marked by the participation of American troops in the first “war for oil” in the Persian Gulf, saying goodbye, said: US, “you know how to ensure a more equitable life for man on earth.” Thus Bush has outlined Washington’s policy in the coming decade: to stir up conflicts all over the planet in the name of their geopolitical benefit.


Bill Clinton bombed Serbia, and narrowly escaped impeachment because of a sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky, finally, only remained to hope that “the best days of America still ahead.”


George Bush Jr., who continued the work of his father and invaded Iraq, overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s regime, leaving his post and expressed confidence that now in Iraq will be democracy and peace, although even then in the country, every day people were killed in terrorist attacks. Subsequently, thanks to Washington organized by the “Arab revolutions” the wave of terrorism had spread to the entire region.


“Iraq went from a brutal dictatorship and a sworn enemy of America to an Arab democracy and friend of the United States,” said in 2009, George W. Bush.


Barack Obama in his farewell speech on January 10 has celebrated his successes as President, stating that the America has become “better and stronger”. He identified among its achievements the elimination of Osama bin Laden, gay marriage, healthcare reform and did not fail again to remember about Russia in a negative way.

Photo: Ting Shen Xinhua / Globallookpress