Churkin: some members of the UN do not seek to resolve the conflict in Syria



Permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin told “Izvestia” about results of year of work of the organization, the initiatives for reform and the desire of some member countries to prevent the settlement of the conflict in Syria.

Churkin said that 2016 was a difficult and eventful. Thus, according to him, in the whole range of issues significant positive balance, although many of the problems moved to 2017. On the question of whether the members of the organization to adequately respond to contemporary global challenges, Churkin replied, “Yes and no”.

But one thing is clear: if member States are not engaged in finding solutions to the situation in the conflict hotbeds would have been much worse, noted the Ambassador.

He stressed that in this regard, the example of Syria. Which became the most acute problem of the international community in the past year. According to Churkin, the work on Syria was difficult, largely because of the inconsistency of action.

— Some members of the Council who, frankly, have contributed to the emergence of the conflict in Syria and heated it until now, unable to abandon their aspirations to overthrow the current government of the Syrian Arab Republic, — said Churkin.

On the topic of UN reform, the Russian permanent representative said that the members of the organization did much. As an example, he cited the experience of the struggle with the Ebola epidemic, which was for the UN to signal the need for reform. According to Churkin, today you can see the results of the work done, the incentive to which was the realization by members of the need for collective approach to responding to challenges in global health.