U.S. senators will present a bill on “comprehensive” sanctions against Russia

John McCain

In the U.S. Congress will have before it the draft law, which envisages the introduction of a “comprehensive” sanctions against Russia for its “attempts to influence the election of 2016”. About it reports Reuters.

With the corresponding initiative was made by the Republican Senator John McCain and senators-Democrats Ben Cardin and Robert Menendez.

December 29, 2016, the United States imposed sanctions against a number of citizens and organizations of Russia, including the FSB, and sent 35 of Russian diplomats and their family members. On the same day, the NSA and the FBI published a joint paper in which he accused the Russian authorities of involvement in the cyber attacks with the aim to promote the victory of the candidate-Republican Donald trump. Moscow all accusations of this kind consistently rejects.

The US presidential election in which trump has bypassed the competitor from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, was held November 8, 2016. The inauguration of the new President scheduled for January 20.