Suppressed so they are afraid even to say a word about Russia: Kharkov through the eyes of a blogger “Stars”

The TV channel “Star” continues the project “Ukraine: East West”dedicated to the lives of ordinary people in the neighboring country. Blogger Alexander Fomin this time visited Kharkov – the largest city located near the Russian border, has always been considered a major industrial and educational center.


In 2014, after the state coup in Ukraine, in Kharkov have been thousands of performances of residents opposed to illegitimate government and advocating closer ties with Russia. However, the new Kiev authorities brutally crushed “dissent”, and now many Kharkiv in conversation with the blogger Alexander Fomin was reluctant to discuss sensitive topics.


“At the time we lived together with Russia, was fine, but now I’m afraid even a word to say about it. Even in the middle Belgorod can’t go,” – said one of the residents of Kharkov.


“Suppressed, do not give the opportunity to speak. Looking for separatists, a free opinion is now prohibited. Isn’t that a dictatorship? Is it freedom of speech?” – was indignant the other the interviewee.


However, among the residents of Kharkiv were those who were influenced by the Kiev propaganda and believes that Russia allegedly “podkalivat the life of Ukraine in the Donetsk and Lugansk”.


“I have a special animosity towards Russians do not cherish, but, of course, now Russia is the aggressor. We want to Europe. We want to live like Europeans, but I see bezviz do not give because we have a war,” – said in an interview with blogger, one of the residents of Kharkov.


Alexander Fomin visited the largest Park of Kharkov, Gorky and saw that the area is well maintained and even in winter the Park has a Ferris wheel. Most residents praise the work of the mayor of the city according to residents, despite the economic problems, Kharkov develops. In the historical Museum there is the exposition of the great Patriotic war, but many visitors refused to discuss the topic with the recent cancellation of the May 9 holiday in Ukraine.


“Now all this mess in my head with this 9 May. I, in principle, not against this holiday, but everything is so bare, everyone is so ready to run into each other, fall into a stupor. I didn’t go on the 9th May, not because I don’t honor this holiday, but because did not want to meet with provocateurs” – said the blogger and the visitor of the Museum.


In General, the majority of Kharkiv recognize that Russians and Ukrainians have nothing to share. “I wouldn’t like that Slavs were pushed off foreheads. I would like to see this done,” – said a resident of the city.