In Athens, an armed attack on riot police

In the centre of Athens, an armed attack on a special forces unit of the police guarding the headquarters of the PASOK party. As a result, one police officer was injured, reports on Tuesday, January 10, the Athens news Agency.

Attacking from a close range shot three times in the bus of riot police, who took on the duty. The incident occurred at 06:18 local time (07:18 MSK).

It is reported that two bullets hit the windshield, and another in the wall of the building. A policeman was wounded by shrapnel in the stomach and thigh. He was taken to the hospital.

According to the Agency, the attacker fled in the exarcheia district, where many anarchist organizations. Police are searching for the gunman. Currently, it turns out, whether he acted alone or had accomplices.

Panhellenic socialist movement (PASOK) is a center-left party. Founded in 1974 it has become the ruling. However, in recent years, the party lost popularity. In the last election, 25 Jan 2015 PASOK received 4.68 percent of the vote.