Obama said about the correctness of his opinions about Putin

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama believes that properly been evaluated by the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He stated this in an interview with ABC News, commenting on the us intelligence report about ostensibly taking place Russian interference in the elections.

The President agreed with the conclusions of the report and confirmed that he is convinced of the fact of intervention. Thus, according to him, most of them underestimated misinformation and hacking hacking.

Obama gave a negative answer to the question of whether he misjudged Putin. “I don’t think underestimated. But I believe I underestimated the extent to which new information era, misinformation and break-ins can affect our open society, our open system,” Obama said.

January 6 was published declassified version of the report prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA, in which he argued that Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign to influence the political process in the United States and to discredit the presidential candidate of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, to win her opponent Donald trump.

The United States has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the presidential campaign to help Trump to win the election. Under the assumptions of the representatives of the US government in July, Russian hackers broke into the servers of the National Committee of the democratic party, and the party Committee of the Congressional. Were also expressed suspicion that Russia might try to influence the voting by hacking computers. Moscow all charges have been consistently denied.