The number of victims of the attack in Jerusalem has risen to four

The number of victims of a collision of a truck on the people in Jerusalem had grown to four. On Sunday, January 8, reports the Jerusalem Post. We mentioned earlier three of the victims.

According to the publication, among the victims were three women and one man, all of them from 20 to 30 years. It is also reported about 15 victims. One of them in serious condition, four in moderate condition, the rest sustained minor injuries. They are all taken to nearby hospitals.

li-at steinitz (@LiSteinitz)
08 January 2017, 11:38

The police confirmed that the man who was driving a truck, neutralized. According to officials, it probably goes on the attack. Earlier the representative of police broadcast a local radio station have called the incident a terrorist attack.

Day 8 Jan unknown made arrival on the military, coming out of the bus near the Armon neighborhood, popular among tourists.