US intelligence released a report on “Russian hackers”

The office of the Director of national intelligence released on Friday, the unclassified version of the report on the cyber attacks, which allegedly were made “Russian” hackers during the American election campaign in 2016. The document “assessment of the activities of Russia in the outcome of the elections in the USA” published on the website of American intelligence.


In the report, U.S. intelligence agencies once again groundlessly accused Russia of undermining confidence in the Democratic party during the election campaign. Also the Kremlin is accused of deliberately undermining repeticii former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Although during the elections and after the results Clinton repeatedly became the participant of loud scandal.


The report was presented razvedochnaya such as the CIA, FBI and NSA. In addition to accusations against Russia, the report said that the hackers do not directly affect the outcome of the US election and attacked their system were not involved in the direct counting of votes of citizens.


“Evaluation of Russia to the outcome of the elections in the USA” is a collected in a single document groundless accusations against Russia. All ranked as “Kremlin attack” repeatedly as previously announced by the outgoing President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The public is expecting from us intelligence conclusive evidence of the indictments, but they are not followed. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied all the charges.

Photo: Silas Stein / Globallokpress