The protesters in St. Petersburg were sent to prison for blocking toll roads

In St. Petersburg the drivers in the framework of Association of carriers of Ukraine (ODA) temporarily blocked seven lanes paid highway “the Western high-speed diameter” (ZSD), which led to traffic jams in the Moscow district of the city. In the administration of the highway allowed the claims of the activists on compensation of material damage. This was reported on the website of the concessionaire of the highway “Magistral Northern capital”.

As specified, on Thursday, January 5, at about 15:00 at the toll collection point located on the main course of the southern section of the WHSD, the drivers of several vehicles, including one truck simultaneously made assaults on the gates. According to preliminary data, these actions were intentional.

“As a result, at the entrance to the pay point formed the crux of the movement. Hundreds of road users were forced to lose time waiting for clearance of road accident data and the release of the bands crews of traffic police”, — is spoken in the message.

It is noted that the WHSD administration “reserves the right to appeal to law enforcement authorities for initiation of proceedings and the rule of law” because “a private road, like any infrastructure project, is an unacceptable place to hold any shares.” “In addition, it will consider filing a claim on compensation of the caused material damage, including uncollected funds in connection with the blocking of the lanes of the toll collection point,” added the company.

As told “” the leader of the ODA Andrew Bogutin, in the action involved 15 cars. The drivers pulled up to the gates and bumped into them, thus creating a reason for road accident registration. At the scene arrived employees of law enforcement bodies, one activist was detained. “He was taken to the police station for disobedience to the police, concerning it the administrative report is made,” said TASS representative of the regional Department of the MIA of Russia.

ZSD — intercity multilane highway connecting the southern and Northern districts of St. Petersburg to bypass the center. It will allow you to drive around the metropolis in about 20 minutes. For the construction of three sections of the diameter of the Central, southern and Northern — it is planned to spend more than 200 billion rubles, of which half of investors ‘ funds.