Shamsuarov suspected in the race for the Tver and shooting with toy gun

Ruslan Shamsuarov

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how a group of young people with toy guns at a high speed travels along Tverskaya street in Central Moscow and “shells”. Recording, in particular, published in the REN TV channel.

According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the video was shot on the night of 6 January from the passenger seat. The conversations in the background always accompanied by laughter and obscene curses.

According to some, one of the participants racing with the shooting was the son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov, which last year became a defendant in high-profile cases about race for Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen. In Instagram of a young man published photos of toy guns, lying in the car.

In October Shamsuarov was sentenced to 300 hours of obligatory works. The court found him guilty of insulting police officers, but acquitted on article about the threat of violence against a representative of authorities.

May 22, six crews of traffic police tried to stop the SUV for a traffic violation. Gelandewagen driver was driving at high speed, crossed the double solid lane and went to the pedestrian zone, making “dangerous maneuvers that constitute a real threat to life and health” of the police. Chase young people broadcast to the Periscope, and then abandoned the car and tried to escape.