In St. Petersburg caught the man with the machine gun “Maxim”

In the centre of Saint Petersburg, a man was arrested walking down the street with a machine gun “Maxim”, according to the Federal news Agency. The owner of the weapon was a security guard at a nightclub and a resident’s apartment on the Duma street near which he was detained. About the strange passer-by, the police said visitors to the surrounding bars.

According to the National news service, a machine gun can’t shoot. The withdrawn weapon directed on research.

As noted in conversation with the correspondent “” the police of St. Petersburg, seized weapons, most likely, is a mass-dimensional layout of the famous machine gun. Currently such models, completely copying the famous the gun and its internal structure, but devoid of the ability to fire, sold in stores at the price of 100-200 thousand rubles. In addition, sold “civilian” version of the machine gun, capable of firing only single shots.