Scientists have discovered how long will a zombie Apocalypse on Earth

British physicists have calculated how much time will pass before humanity will be completely destroyed in the event of a zombie Apocalypse. According to calculations published in the journal Journal of Physics Special Topics, for 100 days the total population of the earth closer to 100-200.

We also found out that in order for the epidemic has taken a truly global dimension it is enough only 20 days from the moment of infection. And within 100 days the Earth will fill about 190 million zombies.


Also, scientists have provided such parameters as the probability of infection and the length of life of a zombie. So, the odds of getting up to about 90%, and the “living dead” would have lasted a maximum of 20 days, after which would die from dehydration and hunger.

Photo: Matthias Oesterle / Globallookpress