Psychologists have proposed to introduce course in sexology for younger students

Psychologists-sexologists in favor of the introduction in the curriculum of the subject “sexology”. On Wednesday, January 4, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

“It’s a good idea, if it is competently implemented,” — said a member of the all-Russian professional psychotherapeutic League (OPPL) Inna Paustovsky.

“To enter this item, as strange as it may seem, it is necessary at an early age when children are only familiar with the sphere of relations between men and women. Because if you type it in high school, when the children already have their own idea, they will trivialize and laugh at those that says the teacher”, — the expert believes.

Paustovsky recalled that many parents are not ready to have conversations on topics related to sexuality, and information, which children find themselves is not always true and correct. “This is a sensitive issues, so it is better if they will be served professionally and competently. But for this, of course, necessary introduced standards and trained specialists,” she said.

In March 2016, the deputies of the Moscow regional Duma proposed to introduce the lessons of sex education for high school students to promote the “correct reproductive behaviour of minors”. In 2014 holding then a post of the Ombudsman for children under the President of Russia Pavel Astakhov said that in Russian schools will never enter the subject of “sex education”.