The government on behalf of Putin will fight the criminalization of teenagers

The Russian government has until February 15 to create an interdepartmental working group on the prevention of the criminalisation of the teenage environment. The corresponding instruction was given by President Vladimir Putin following the meeting of the Council for development of civil society and human rights, reported on the Kremlin website on Tuesday, January 3.

The working group should include representatives of the presidential Council on human rights, the report says. The government also requested to prepare legislative amendments on sotsreabilitatsii and adaptation of convicts, released from prison.

The Prosecutor General’s office before September 1 of the next year should check are the rights of prisoners in terms of their interaction with the members of the Supervisory commissions. In addition, the office together with the Supreme court and the Ombudsman is mandated to proanalizirovat how effective are measures to ensure the independence of judges and transparency of the judicial process.

Among the orders also the verification of the project “a Transparent system of education” and development of measures to reduce environmental damage in the expansion zone of the resort of Krasnaya Polyana.

The meeting of the Council for civil society development and human rights was held on 8 December 2016. In the course of it the President fell into the hands of the court’s decision, which the man had confessed felon for applying to the Prosecutor. Putin then questioned the competence and adequacy of judges and instructed the Prosecutor General and the Supreme court to deal with the situation.