The police gave the Russians a memo on the choice of alcohol

After a mass poisoning of inhabitants of Irkutsk in the bath means “Hawthorn” employees of the Ministry of interior has prepared for the citizens of a checklist for selection of alcoholic beverages. The tips published on the website of the Department.

The Russians recommended not to eat non-food alcohol-containing liquid, pharmacy-cosmetics and household chemicals, as well as counterfeit alcohol. “Fake alcohol can contain methanol, methyl or wood alcohol. Also called technical. It is a terrible poison! It is from him that people die or become disabled,” — explained in the message.

Signs of counterfeiting is the lack of information about the displacement at the bottom of the bottles, the printing of labels or the presence of typos in the labeling of the lids. Clarifies that legal alcohol is not sold at night, in the Internet, in kiosks, or handheld. Also suitable for use alcohol can not be bottled in plastic containers.

The interior Ministry reminded that the legal alcohol can only be purchased in licensed stores, licensed for the retail sale of alcohol. On the bottles should be special Federal or excise stamps (FSM / AM). The seller must separately scan the bar codes from the FSM or AM.

December 27 the Deputy of the state Duma, the former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko called the way to avoid alcohol poisoning on new year’s night. “If you are starving, come to the store and ask for the documents for the alcohol. I came in the summer to the store. 40 percent of alcoholic beverages is not confirmed by documents”, — quotes its words of the national news service (NSN).

In December in Irkutsk from poisoning by bath means “Hawthorn” died 77 people. Forensic examination showed that 74 of them were poisoned with methyl alcohol, the rest suffered from taking significant doses of ethyl alcohol.