“New year’s” procession in honor of Bandera destroys the image of Ukraine – Aksenov

Chapter Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov on his page in Facebook published a post in which he said that the New year in Ukraine is not the first time to start celebrating with the “celebration of the birthday of the Nazi and torturer Bandera”, that is “the global shame of Ukraine”.


“Bandera is a global disgrace Ukraine! Last year the international community celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials. An international Tribunal gave a legal assessment of Nazism and prosecuted the Nazi leaders,” wrote Feldman.


He added that “cannibalistic Bandera ideology of” sanctioned by the state. Although many countries, including Poland, in the form of an ultimatum called on Kiev to abandon the celebration of the 75th anniversary of banned in Russia Ukrainian insurgent army.


The head of the Crimean recalled that in 1949 Stepan badera for the crimes was sentenced to death. And the allegation that he fought with the Soviet army, but also with the German Nazis, who put forward the “Bandera historians”, are not confirmed in official documents.

Video: Oleksandr Aronets / YouTube