In the U.S. Congress promised in spite of Trump to defend the anti-Russian sanctions

Adam Schiff

Attempts of Donald trump when he will take the post of President of the United States, to undo the last anti-Russian sanctions, the outgoing head of state Barack Obama will meet a harsh response from Congress, warned a member of the house of representatives from California Democrat Adam Schiff in an interview with ABC News.

Schiff believes that Congress in fact is configured to further strengthening of sanctions against Moscow. He recalled that this initiative was made by the Democrats and the Republicans, calling in this context the names of the Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. According to Schiff, what was done by the current administration, not to “contain Russia”.

The Congressman also criticized trump for the fact that he questioned the conclusions of the intelligence community about the Russian involvement in hacking attacks with the aim of influencing the outcome of presidential elections.

“If he intends to have any credibility as President, he needs to stop talking. He should stop belittling the intelligence community. He will have to rely on them. He will have to rely on them,” said Schiff.

“It is an absolute judgment of the intelligence community and, frankly, all members of the intelligence Committee in Congress, Democrats and Republicans. No one of us had any questions about it. The only one that has any, it’s probably Donald trump,” added the Congressman.

January 1, trump questioned Russian involvement in hacking attacks. According to him, it is incorrect to bring charges, not having enough information.

Before that, in late December, the U.S. government has imposed sanctions against the Russian special services. In addition, 35 were expelled diplomats. The Obama administration is accusing Russia of meddling in the election campaign of 2016, Moscow consistently denies the charges.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he considers the latest steps of the White house hostile.