Us Republican senators threaten Russia with new sanctions


U.S. Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have threatened Russia with additional sanctions in the coming year.

According to network edition of the Washington Examiner, they were on Thursday evening with a joint statement about the new anti-Russian measures announced earlier in the day democratic President Barack Obama’s administration. According to lawmakers, known for his hawkish views in foreign policy and occupying key positions in the Senate Committee on armed forces, these measures are “long overdue to receive.”

“We intend to lead in the new Congress the efforts for the introduction of more significant sanctions against Russia,” – wrote McCain and Graham. On their personal sites statement yet. Earlier it was reported that the senators are on a foreign trip.

The measures announced on Thursday, the White house and other U.S. government agencies, made reference to attributed Russian hacker attacks on the United States ahead of the November U.S. General election. The elected US President Donald trump has repeatedly said that he believes this insinuation to be politicized, on Wednesday, he urged compatriots “live your life” and not to look back. Moscow rejects all such speculation, stressing their full unsubstantiated and baseless.