The media learned about the idea to leave Russians without gas in homes

Continued: the Expert doubted the possibility of failure from gas supply houses

Rostechnadzor has proposed to prohibit the use of gas in residential homes. The corresponding letter to the head of Department Alexey Aleshin has sent the state Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin, reports RT.

“In order to avoid explosions and fires which lead to casualties and destruction of residential buildings, it is planned to adopt fundamental decisions on the prohibition of the use of gas in apartment houses in newly-built and operated”, — stated in the message.

Alternatively, it is proposed to install in the homes electrical appliances. When can be accepted the decision and did you discuss the issue with other agencies, are not reported.

Rashkin previously proposed to create an interagency Commission to investigate the systematic explosions of gas in apartment houses. He also advocated that residential buildings were equipped with sensors of gas contamination.

Explosions of household gas are often the causes of the collapse of multi-storey buildings and loss of life. In particular, in November as a result of emergency in a residential building in Ivanovo killed six people, injured eight.