The F-35 are adapting to counter the Russian missile – U.S. air force

U.S. air force hope to make multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation F-35 by mid 2020-ies. According to the newspaper Scout, Warrior, America hopes that the plane will be ready to confront the Russian and Chinese air defense systems.


Russian s-300 is considered by the us military as one of the main threats with the launch of the Joint Strike Fighter program, the article notes, extracts from which leads RIA Novosti.


The main danger, according to the Americans, lies in the ability of the system to identify and destroy targets (including the so-called stealth aircraft) with long range.


To prepare the F-35 to confront the Russian and Chinese air defense systems, fighter tested both outdoors, and with the help of a computer simulation of actual combat conditions.


According to the developers, the plane will be able to adapt to the threats of a new type using the “open architecture” of the aircraft.


Thus, as stated by the Director of the Department of integration of the F-35 U.S. air force major General Jeffrey Harrigan, in the US air force are afraid not so much of a potential collision with Russia or China, how much of that Russian or Chinese missile technology can purchase other opponents of Washington.

Photo: Leonid Faerberg / Transport / Photo / Images / Globallookpress