Russian Ambassador Antonov: negotiations with the US and NATO have not yet yielded a significant result

“We want the United States and their allies to understand: the principle of equal and indivisible security enshrined in  the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 and the Istanbul Charter of 1999 should be reinstated. It should not apply only to NATO countries. No state has the right to strengthen its security at the expense of others, — Antonov told Newsweek magazine (the ambassador's answers are posted on the diplomatic mission's Facebook).

It must be admitted that the discussions held last week with the United States and NATO have not yet yielded a significant result. We expect written responses from Washington and Brussels to our draft agreements. On their basis, we will make a decision on the advisability of further joint work. We are also ready to discuss counter proposals.Anatoly AntonovZelensky invited Biden to hold trilateral talks with Putin”As on the situation in Ukraine, this issue was not on the agenda of the Russian-American talks in Geneva, but was only mentioned as a secondary topic in consultations with NATO in Brussels   —       Anatoly Antonov commented on the negotiations. The Ambassador also said that the main theme of the talks — how to preserve peace and stability in Europe by developing security guarantees on the basis of draft agreements proposed by Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after the talks that the Russian side expects that within a week the United States and NATO will “put on paper” proposals that meet Russian requirements for security guarantees. According to                 the participants in the negotiations from the U.S. side promised to submit their proposals in writing, and  Russian negotiators asked to do so next week           January the Russia Council ended in Brussels—NATO. The Alliance refused to guarantee the non-accession of Ukraine. On January 10, negotiations were held in Geneva with the participation of Russian-American delegations. As a result of the           receive     



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