Nazarbayev’s daughter suddenly deleted social media accounts due to geolocation

Facebook Instagrammers now see messages when they try to access her Instagram and Facebook pages: “The owner may have deleted the content or restricted access to it” and “You may have used an invalid link or the page has been deleted.”

This happened shortly after Aliya was the first member of her family to comment on the riots in Kazakhstan. However, users noticed that Instagram automatically identified her geolocation as the UAE. Nazarbayeva’s account on Meta’s social networks has been verified, which means that the page really belonged to her.

Earlier, The Sunday Telegraph reported that Aliya Nazarbayev was taken out of Kazakhstan $ 300 million, having bought real estate in London, Dubai and a private jet with them in 2006. The impressive expenses became known after a conflict occurred between a relative of the politician and her financial advisers.

Mass protests in Kazakhstan broke out on January 2 due to a sharp increase in gas prices for cars. The protesters’ economic demands were quickly replaced by political ones, in particular about the departure of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev from politics. As a result, riots took place in a number of cities with the participation of armed men who organized attacks on important facilities, including the airport. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev called the incident an attempted coup.

On January 7, it became known that Nazarbayev, his daughters and their families had left the country. However, their location is unknown.



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