Kuril Islands have been fortified with the Bastion battalion

This unit is subordinate to the Joint Command of Troops and & nbsp; Forces in the & nbsp; North-East. The personnel of the “ Bastions '' division on & nbsp; Matua constantly rotates. After a certain time spent on the & nbsp; island, soldiers and & nbsp; officers are sent to the mainland for & nbsp; rest, the interlocutors of Izvestia noted.

Each DBK division includes four all-terrain vehicles on a wheeled chassis with launchers – two per each of them. Thus, the compound provides a salvo of eight missiles.

Moreover, the DBK launchers can be quickly reloaded, and then the strike can be repeated. The & nbsp; divisional set also has four transport-loading vehicles, and & nbsp; also combat control and combat duty vehicles. In addition, it includes a mobile over-the-horizon radar for detecting air and & nbsp; surface targets Monolit-B The Pacific Fleet was deployed and & nbsp; took over duty on & nbsp; Matua Island in & nbsp; early December last year. Equipment, personnel and & nbsp; materials were delivered to the & nbsp; island by large landing ships of the Pacific Fleet.

“ Now the Ministry of Defense is building infrastructure first, and & nbsp; then & nbsp; already deploying troops & nbsp; & mdash; this increases combat readiness. A military town was built on & nbsp; Matua in & nbsp; in a short time & nbsp; & mdash; noted military expert Dmitry Boltenkov.

When erecting it, it was taken into account that & nbsp; bad weather can cut off the garrison of the island for a long time from the & nbsp; mainland. The infrastructure of the military camp is designed to & nbsp; ensure the autonomous life of missilemen. Now all the work on the & nbsp; improvement of the premises intended for & nbsp; serving, living and & nbsp; rest have been completed.



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