The media revealed the composition of the US “secret aid” to Ukraine in the amount of $ 200 million

On the eve of the CNN TV channel broadcast that & nbsp; in & nbsp; December 2021, the administration of US President Joe Biden secretly allocated additional assistance to Ukraine in & npbs; the security sphere worth $ 200 million.

The TV channel drew attention to the fact that the decision was made a few weeks before the talks between the United States and the Russian Federation on strategic stability in Geneva on January 10.

In & nbsp; turn, Politico, referring to & nbsp; adviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and & nbsp; a representative of the US authorities, who is familiar with the details of this step, informs that & nbsp; the United States, within the & nbsp; framework of this aid package, intends to send its European partner & nbsp; a radar system and & nbsp; some marine equipment. '' The publication does not specify exactly when the first deliveries will begin.

According to & nbsp; information Politico, the amount of & nbsp; 200 million dollars was approved within the & nbsp; framework of Biden's authority to & nbsp; write off budget funds. As part of this mechanism, the head of state can instruct the Secretary of State to contact the & nbsp; Secretary of Defense for & nbsp; sending equipment listed by the Pentagon to & nbsp; a country that is & nbsp; in danger.

Following this, the presidential administration must notify Congress about this. that “an unforeseen situation requires immediate military assistance.” In addition, the interlocutors of the newspaper clarify that & nbsp; deliveries of additional assistance to Kiev within & nbsp; within $ 200 million have not yet & nbsp; begun, since the process of debiting funds has been completed only recently.

In 2021, President Joe Biden instructed the State Department to provide Ukraine a military aid package worth $ 60 million from the & nbsp; Pentagon funds.



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