The Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified the requirements for permissible self-defense weapons

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has prepared technical restrictions for self-defense weapons that can be produced in the country or imported from abroad. These standards will be mandatory to comply with. So far they are registered in the draft order of the department.

The document refers to traumatic and gas pistols and revolvers, mechanical sprayers and aerosol devices, as well as stun guns. So, traumatic weapons should not be made from firearms by alteration, include some of its parts. And it is also impossible for him to have a design that allows for such alterations.

“Mechanical sprayers, aerosol and other devices should not have a form that imitates combat hand-held firearms. They should have a bright color coloring of individual parts and mechanisms,” TASS quotes from the draft order.

There is another requirement for stun guns in addition to those mentioned above: they must be marked with an individual number, and exclusively on a metal part.



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