The approach of the wall of snow in the USA caught on video

Wow! This fast-moving snowstorm created whiteout conditions as it consumed Grover, Wyoming this afternoon! ?⚠️

Video sent in by: Roy Nelson#weather #stormhour #snow #wywx

— Nash Rhodes (@NashWX) December 27, 2021

A resident of Wyoming in the USA named Roy Nelson accidentally filmed the spectacular approach of a snow storm.

If a blizzard usually starts with a small snowfall, which gradually increases, you can notice something completely opposite on the video. A snow storm moves across the field towards the mountains in a monolithic wall – about the same way as tropical downpours move after a thunderstorm collar.

“Just look at it! I’ve never seen anything like it!” – the voice of one of the observers behind the scenes is heard. “It’s a snow storm,” he adds.

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