Scientists named the most dangerous places on the bus during the pandemic

Specialists of the IBM Research Europe research center decided to find out how the virus spreads fastest in public transport. To do this, they built a model of air circulation in the bus cabin.

In their study, the scientists took into account the indicators of humidity, evaporation, heat exchange of the dynamics of air and droplets, and the impact of ventilation systems. With the help of the resulting model, experts have identified the safest places, sitting on which passengers will be less likely to catch the virus.

It turned out that during an unfavorable epidemiological situation, it is better to choose seats at the windows — there passengers inhale virus particles the least. In addition, sick passengers are less likely to infect others.

The air they exhale is quickly picked up by the ventilation air currents and leaves the bus. 

Also, passengers standing in the middle of the bus have little effect on the spread of the virus, but they are more at risk of infection. But the seats at the aisle are infected and spread the virus faster than others. The air exhaled by them with virus particles simply settles down, falling on other passengers and their belongings.

Investigation of #droplets in sitting #passengers on #publictransport under #asymptomatic virus #transmission conditions shows that droplets from the #window #seat raised more vertically and invaded the space of other passengers to a lesser extent. In con…

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