A video of the extraction of crystals from clay got into the Network


Pulling out a pair of crystals out of the clay! Unearthing pretty things for the first time is a neat feeling ?? ##crystals ##quartz ##fyp

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Social media users are massively sharing a video in which several friends extract crystals from clay at a quartz deposit in Blue Springs, Arkansas.

In the video, a man pulls a piece of stone sticking out of a block of clay. “It’s moving!” he repeats in anticipation. The next second it turns out that it is not a stone, but a piece of quartz in the form of an almost perfect crystal. After a few minutes, the miner finds another large crystal.

At the mine of the company Avant Mining LLC, where the video was filmed, they are engaged not only in industrial quartz mining, but also let tourists into their territory who can try their luck and find the crystal themselves.

For many users of the social network, it became a discovery that quartz crystals can be mined in such an unusual way — “pulling them out of the mud with their hands.” In a few days from the moment of publication, the video has gained almost 22 million views.



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