Russian cosmonauts will celebrate the New Year with herring under a fur coat and cider

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Post by Anton Shkaplerov (@anton_astrey)

Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, who is currently on the ISS, told reporters about how he and his colleagues are going to celebrate the New Year.

According to the cosmonaut, they already have all the necessary food supplies for the festive table: tangerines, black caviar and herring, from which they are going to cook a traditional “fur coat”.

And instead of champagne, the astronauts will drink non-alcoholic apple cider, which their American colleagues brought for the holiday.

The Russian crew will celebrate the New Year together with NASA astronauts and European Space Agency. And they will celebrate several times. According to Shkaplerov, according to tradition, the New Year is celebrated as many times as representatives of different countries are at the station. They will start celebrating from Moscow time, and then they will celebrate according to European and American.

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