The immunologist warned about the deadly consequences of COVID-19 for some Russians

The specialist clarified that there are three categories of people at risk — the deeply elderly, people with chronic diseases and those who have suffered from COVID-19.

“After they get over covid, they seem to have recovered, symptoms persist, weakness, disorders of the heart, brain activity, nervous system, psyche. And the worst thing is that it is progressing, and the body cannot compensate for it. Especially if the person is not on intensive treatment. As a result, 3-4 months pass, and the person dies. Either a stroke or a severe heart attack,” the immunologist noted.

He added that such deaths do not fall into the statistics of deaths as a result of coronavirus infection.

Earlier, Kryuchkov named a group of people with the easiest course of the omicron strain. He referred young people without chronic diseases to her.



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