The authorities of the Russian region forced sellers to show buyers QR codes

The resolution on the obligation of sellers to show QR codes appeared on the website of the Government of the KhMAO. The document states that the certificate of vaccination must be presented by “employees of organizations, individual entrepreneurs, citizens who sell goods, provide services, perform work to the population.”

Moreover, they are obliged to show the QR code at the “first request (demand) of buyers,” according to the decree of the governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. The new rule comes into force from the date of its signing — December 25, 2021.

For all the time in the region, 94,800 people fell ill with coronavirus, of which 1946 died. On November 8, QR codes for visiting public places began to operate in Ugra. Until February 1, 2022, teenagers under the age of 14 cannot go to shopping malls without their parents, it is forbidden to hold entertainment events with the exception of performances and concerts in closed halls.

However, earlier in some Russian regions, bans on visiting public places without a QR code were temporarily lifted. The changes were announced in the Stavropol Territory, Crimea, Yakutia, as well as Tula and Sverdlovsk regions. On average, the decision will be valid for at least almost a month – until January 20.

On December 16, the State Duma approved in the first reading a bill on the use of QR codes in public places. The document assumes that Russians will have to present codes at the entrance to non-food stores, restaurants, cultural institutions and mass events. At the same time, each region will decide for itself whether to use the QR code system or not.



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