The State Duma appreciated the benefits of the long New Year holidays

“I & nbsp; welcome a long vacation. I think that & nbsp; is a good switch, unloading and & nbsp; time to be with & nbsp; family. I & nbsp; believe that & nbsp; after the holidays, people have increased efficiency and & nbsp; general tone. It is clear that & nbsp; is expensive for the employer, but & nbsp; due to the fact that & nbsp; there are January, May and & nbsp; November holidays, people are less likely to go on & nbsp; vacations & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; told Kravchenko.

According to & nbsp; he said, everyone has the right to choose how he & nbsp; will spend the New Year weekend.

Earlier, State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fedorov sent a letter to & nbsp; the name of the head of the Ministry of Labor & nbsp; RF Anton Kotyakov, in & nbsp; which proposed to extend the upcoming New Year holidays for & nbsp; four days for working pensioners.

The parliamentarian noted in his & nbsp; appeal that & nbsp; in & nbsp; during this year the coronavirus pandemic continues, which poses the greatest danger for & nbsp; elderly people .

Samer Mustafa



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