The FIU decided to merge with the Social Insurance Fund by 2023

“Commission members discussed the upcoming merger of the Pension Fund and the & nbsp; Social Security Fund, which is scheduled to be completed by & nbsp; 2023 & nbsp; ;, & nbsp; & mdash; According to the & nbsp; message.

According to Golikova, a temporary working group will be created within the RTK to discuss legislative initiatives that implement the upcoming changes. , & nbsp; & mdash; she clarified.

About & nbsp; the fact that & nbsp; the idea of ​​transforming the FIU into a & nbsp; public law company (PPK) was discussed in the & nbsp; government, RBC sources reported in & nbsp; at the end of December 2017. Later, in an & nbsp; interview with RBC, PFR Chairman Anton Drozdov said that & nbsp; a public company is considered as one of & nbsp; possible options for transforming the Pension Fund.

In & nbsp; December 2018, Golikova gave instructions to the Ministry of Labor and & nbsp; off-budget social funds (Pension Fund, FSS and & nbsp; Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance) to make conceptual proposals for & nbsp; change their & nbsp; legal status.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that it is difficult to change the legal status of all three organizations, options are required for discussion with associations of trade unions and employers. ; FSS status of public companies. The establishment of the legal status of off-budget funds will create an opportunity to & nbsp; further unite the PFR, MHIF and & nbsp; FSS into a single state social fund, RBC sources said.

Subsequently, the & nbsp; idea of ​​uniting the three funds was abandoned, since the structure and & nbsp; the functions of the MHIF are very different from the & nbsp; structures of the PFR and & nbsp; FSS. In & nbsp; July of this year, Golikova stated that & nbsp; the merger of the PFR and & nbsp; FSS may not happen & nbsp; earlier than 2023. According to & nbsp; her words, this process is treated with caution, it & nbsp; provides for a transitional period. Later, the chairman of the PFR board, Andrei Kigim, said that & nbsp; PFR and & nbsp; FSS would exist on a & nbsp; single digital platform and & nbsp; at & nbsp; the process of combining databases is currently underway.



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