A letter in a bottle for 23 years “overcame” 29 kilometers

Anyone know this fella? Someone found this in a bottle in Dundrum. pic.twitter.com/E0NcUzLVhB

— North Belfast Lady ??????? (@NBelfastLady) December 19, 2021

Stephen Caulfield from Northern Ireland was only 22 years old when he wrote the message, sealed it in a bottle and threw it into the water.

On a piece of paper, his name, age and the words were indicated: “Please write to me if you are a girl. Thank you!” The guy wanted to see how far his bottle would swim, and whether anyone would read his message, Belfast Telegraph reports.

This incident happened back in January 1999, and Stephen, who is now over 40, has long forgotten about it. But recently, to his surprise, a man discovered that photos of a vaguely familiar letter were being massively distributed on social networks.

It turned out that a bottle with a 23-year-old message was recently found just 29 kilometers from the place where Stephen threw it into the water. It never led to a date — Caulfield has been married for a long time and is the father of three children.

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