The lost legendary temple of Hercules was found off the coast of Spain

Spanish coast temple discovered

— LWMcCall (@LWMcCall) December 21, 2021

Archaeologists in Spain have discovered the possible location of the temple of Hercules Gaditan – a legendary place to which the ancient Greeks and Romans, including Julius Caesar, made a pilgrimage.

According to ancient sources, it was located in The Gulf of Cadiz. Using lidar, researchers from The University of Seville found traces of an ancient monumental building at the bottom of the bay between Chiclana de la Frontera and San Fernando, reports El Pais.

The length of the rectangular structure is almost 300 meters, and the width is almost 150 meters. There may be numerous fragments inside it.

According to ancient descriptions, the temple of Hercules Gaditan was decorated with columns, an eternal flame burned on the altar in it — it was supported by a priest day and night. Bronze images of the twelve exploits of Hercules were placed between the columns. In this temple, Julius Caesar wept in front of the image of Alexander the Great. Here, the commander Hannibal thanked the gods for success in military campaigns.

In addition to the temple, archaeologists have also discovered an ancient pier and a Roman settlement, now also hidden under water.

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