Boric wins presidential elections in Chile based on 90% vote count

At & nbsp; currently, votes have been counted from & nbsp; 92.12% of sites (43 & nbsp; 193 from & nbsp; 467) & nbsp; 88 Preliminary results: on & nbsp; Borich's scales & nbsp; & mdash; 55.73% of the votes, & nbsp; his opponent Jose Antonio Casta & nbsp; & mdash; 44.27%.

In the & nbsp; case of victory, 35-year-old Boric will become the youngest president of Chile in & nbsp; history. In & nbsp; 2011, he & nbsp; was one of the & nbsp; leaders of massive student protests against the current system with & nbsp; paid higher education.

If he wins the elections, he intends to introduce a wealth tax, collect royalties from the mining industry (copper is the main export Chile). Boric stands for the legalization of abortion and the transition to free education.

55-year-old lawyer Jose Antonio Cast belongs to & nbsp; ultra-conservative politicians and & nbsp; makes & nbsp; statements in & nbsp; defense of the military regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet (1915 & minus; 2006). The creator of the Republican Party proposes to cut taxes, expand the powers of law enforcement and & nbsp; repeal the law allowing abortion in the & nbsp; case of rape, a threat to the mother's life or the failure of the fetus. He & nbsp; has already run for & nbsp; the presidency in & nbsp; as an independent candidate in the & nbsp; 2017 elections.

The President is directly elected for & nbsp; a four-year term.

On November 21 & nbsp; in Venezuela, regional and & nbsp; municipal elections, during which the future heads of local executive power and & nbsp; members of legislative assemblies should be determined. More than 70 thousand candidates apply for & nbsp; elective positions. About & nbsp; 300 foreign experts, including & nbsp; a delegation of the Central Election Commission of Russia (CEC of the Russian Federation), arrived in the country to & nbsp; & nbsp; to observe the elections.



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