The traffic police again postponed the issuance of rights and registration of cars due to a failure

As specified in the traffic police, currently specialists continue to work on eliminating the consequences of the failure, but for this they will need more time than expected.

“This makes it impossible to receive citizens on December 19 in the registration and examination units of the State Traffic Inspectorate. The approximate time of completion of the work is the evening of December 19,” the ministry noted.

They added that in connection with this situation, all registration and examination units of the traffic police will work on December 20.

A major failure in the work of the traffic police information system became known earlier on December 18. The Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that such failures are isolated, and assured that when errors are detected in the work, the department’s specialists immediately eliminate them. At the same time, it was initially assumed that Russians who had an appointment on December 18 would be able to apply for services on December 19 and in the following days.



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