Egypt tightened entry rules for unvaccinated tourists

The PCR test must be done no earlier than 72 hours before arrival. The term is counted from the time of collection of biomaterial. The certificate must contain the original seal from a certified laboratory, the exact time and date of the test, the QR code, the test method (type RT-PCR). The document must be in English or Arabic.

References with handwritten data or handwritten edits are not accepted.

Also, the tourist must have a copy of the certificate with a PCR test, which is handed over at the airport. All unvaccinated passengers aged 12 and over need a certificate.

Those who have been vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine must provide a certificate of vaccination. They will be able to enter Egypt 14 days after receiving the second component of the vaccine. The certificate must be in English with a QR code. All tourists will also have to fill out a medical Declaration Form on the plane.

This week, the first cases of infection with a new omicron strain of coronavirus were detected in Egypt. This strain began to spread in November from Africa, and now it has been found in 89 countries. In early December, tour operators reported that they did not record a decrease in sales of tours to Egypt due to Omicron.



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