The State Duma told about New Year’s Eve payments in Russia

On New Year’s Eve, Russians will receive all the required payments: pensions and salaries for January, the 13th salary, as well as benefits and bonuses. According to Svetlana Bessarab, a member of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, all this has already been budgeted. Russians told what they will spend the New Year’s bonus on “All cash payments are made before the holidays. In accordance with the Labor Code, advance payments and wages are paid twice a month at regular intervals,” she said in a comment URA.RU . The deputy noted that often Russians receive their salary and advance payment from January 1 to January 10. Bessarab also said that regional authorities and employers are trying to give out children’s New Year’s gifts and help large families and veterans before the holiday. “Now there are quite a lot of programs aimed at supporting and developing

The widow of Chilean dictator Pinochet has died

“At the age of 99, my beloved grandmother died surrounded by relatives and friends,” wrote Irina’s granddaughter Karina. Lucia Iriart was the First Lady of Chile from 1974 to 1990 as the wife of President Augusto Pinochet. As her husband’s closest adviser, she had a significant influence on Pinochet when making political decisions. In particular, it was she who had the greatest influence on Pinochet’s decision to organize a coup against President Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973, the newspaper El Mostador notes. Augusto Pinochet died in 2006 at the age of 92, while under house arrest. He was suspected of murdering political opponents and corruption, but the former dictator of Chile did not live to see the trial.

White House confirms Biden's next term plans with Harris

US President Joe Biden still intends to run for the & nbsp; next presidential term in & nbsp; paired with & nbsp; Vice President Kamalla Harris. According to CNN, Deputy Press Secretary of the White House Karine Jean-Pierre said about & nbsp; “ I & nbsp; cannot & nbsp; talk about & nbsp; what conversations the vice president and & nbsp; president have between themselves , I & nbsp; can only say & lt; & hellip; & gt; about & nbsp; that & nbsp; the president himself said: that & nbsp; he & nbsp; plans to participate in & nbsp; presidential elections in & nbsp; 2024. I have nothing more to add to & nbsp; this & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said a spokesman for the presidential administration. Jean-Pierre commented on Harris's interview with The Wall Street Journal, in which the US Vice President stated that & nbsp; they

Zakharova appreciated the proposal of the head of the Munich conference to help Ukraine with weapons

This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, assessing the words of the head of the Munich conference on the & nbsp; security issues Wolfgang & nbsp; “ reasonable armament of the Ukrainian army. '' The diplomat's words were published in & nbsp; her Telegram channel. As the diplomat recalls, Ischinger earlier said that & nbsp; providing military assistance to Kiev could “ help moderate the ardor of the Russian side '', so that Europe will achieve an intermediate goal. Zakharova found such proposals unreasonable. “ That & nbsp; is Ukraine's main problem in & nbsp; that there are & nbsp; few weapons? Not & nbsp; in & nbsp; the fact that & nbsp; destroyed the economy. Not & nbsp; in the & nbsp; lack of any & nbsp; public consensus. Not & nbsp; in & nbsp; that & nbsp; is not

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations explained the ban on burning garbage in the country

Incineration of garbage in the country, especially during the period when a fire-fighting regime is established, can lead to large fires and “dozens” of burned houses, Alexander Chupriyan, acting head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, warned in an interview with RBC. “When a special fire protection regime is established, it means a high level of precaution. And if you burned garbage at your dacha before a special regime and continue to do it with it, then the meaning is lost. I can give you dozens, hundreds of examples when dozens of houses burn down because of harmless brushwood, dry grass,” he explained. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations stressed that fire aviation, including Be-200 amphibious aircraft, cannot participate in extinguishing “every house.” “Initially, a summer resident should be aware of his responsibility,” Chupriyan summed up. In general , in Russia has the strength and means to fight forest

Tour operators named the most popular countries for vaccine tours

“Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson single-component vaccine or two-component Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines are vaccinated in Croatia without prior appointment. In Serbia, an official confirmation of the vaccination record is required, among others, the Sinopharm vaccine is available. The demand for vaccine tours to Greece is also growing: the embassy of this country is loyal to issuing Schengen multivises to Russians,” the press service of the tour operator said. According to Dmitry Gorin, vice President of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry (PCT), the most popular vaccines among Russian tourists are Johnson & Johnson (although it cannot be used for the third, “booster” dose) and Pfizer. At the same time, the list of countries available for vaccine tours is constantly expanding — for example, Bulgaria and Germany have recently been added. “As for Greece, since December, if there is a Sputnik vaccination, one dose of Pfizer’s drug is enough

German Chancellor assessed the decision to suspend certification of Nord Stream 2

Scholz noted that & laquo; Nord Stream 2 & raquo; is a commercial project, in which private investments were made. He & nbsp; emphasized that & nbsp; the decision on & nbsp; compliance of the project with European legislation was made by the German regulator without & nbsp; being guided by the policy. At the same time, the Chancellor added that & nbsp; this procedure provides for 'a lot of consultations', but & nbsp; the process is underway . Earlier it was reported that the US is pushing Germany to stop the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project. According to & nbsp; according to the American edition of Bloomberg, the new government of Germany at & nbsp; at the moment has not & nbsp; expressed readiness for & nbsp; such a step. On November 16 & nbsp; it was also reported that & nbsp; certification of Nord Stream 2;

The heads of the G7 Ministry of Health called the omicron strain the biggest threat in the health sector

“Deeply concerned about the growing number of cases, the Ministers agreed that what is happening should be perceived as the greatest current threat to global health. It is more important than ever to work closely with each other, monitor and share data [about coronavirus]. This will greatly help to cope with the rapidly developing situation,” the message says. It stresses that the ministers “drew attention to the importance of equal access to diagnostics, genomic sequencing, vaccines and clinical medicine” in light of the spread of the new strain. “They also agreed that it is necessary to strengthen the booster vaccination campaign and regular testing,” the statement says. “The Ministers reaffirmed their support for [the international mechanism for the distribution of vaccines] COVAX and called for accelerated development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostic tools in the context of pandemics.” G7 is an association of economically developed countries, which includes Great Britain,

The hydrometeorological center warned of abnormal frosts in Central Russia

The average temperature these days will be 7-12 below the climatic norm. So, at night the air temperature will drop to -21-26 ° C. In the northern part of the district it will get colder to -30-35 °C. During the day, the air temperature will range from -15 to 21. The Hydrometeorological Center clarified to the agency “Moscow” that the air temperature in the capital these days will approach the mark of -25 ° C. On Tuesday, December 14, the strongest snowfall since 1989 took place in Moscow. More than 30 flights were delayed and canceled in the capital. Even more interesting things about nature

EU extended economic sanctions against Russia for six months

“The leaders of the 27 EU countries unanimously decided to extend economic sanctions against Russia. We & nbsp; urge Russia to fulfill its part of the deal and & nbsp; fulfill the Minsk agreements & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Michel said. In & nbsp; Moscow repeatedly emphasized that & nbsp; the conflict in & nbsp; Donbass is an internal Ukrainian, and & nbsp; Russia acts along with & nbsp; OSCE, France and & nbsp; Germany only as a mediator in & nbsp; its settlement in & nbsp; within the framework of the Minsk Agreements & nbsp;