Tour operators named the most popular countries for vaccine tours

“Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson single-component vaccine or two-component Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines are vaccinated in Croatia without prior appointment. In Serbia, an official confirmation of the vaccination record is required, among others, the Sinopharm vaccine is available. The demand for vaccine tours to Greece is also growing: the embassy of this country is loyal to issuing Schengen multivises to Russians,” the press service of the tour operator said.

According to Dmitry Gorin, vice President of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry (PCT), the most popular vaccines among Russian tourists are Johnson & Johnson (although it cannot be used for the third, “booster” dose) and Pfizer. At the same time, the list of countries available for vaccine tours is constantly expanding — for example, Bulgaria and Germany have recently been added.

“As for Greece, since December, if there is a Sputnik vaccination, one dose of Pfizer’s drug is enough to get a European QR code. But for this you need to submit the documents in advance. Not everyone wants to do this, that’s why they turn to tour operators,” the expert noted.

The most interested in vaccine tours are those who often travel abroad to meet with family or for business, explained the Vice President of the PCT. In a number of European countries, access to all public places is now closed without a QR code about vaccination or a certificate of illness in English, he recalled.

In addition, the ski season is ahead, many will want to ride in the Austrian Alps, Dmitry Gorin is sure. Austria is open for tourism, but in order to avoid a five-day quarantine on entry, vaccination with a drug recognized in Europe is necessary.



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