Lithuania will pay migrants € 1,000 for returning home

& nbsp; & nbsp; asylum applications. Only 54 out of & nbsp; 3272 applicants received refugee status.

“ We & nbsp; hope that & nbsp; higher pay will increase the number of migrants voluntarily returning (to & nbsp; countries of origin. & Mdash; & nbsp; & ldquo; Kommersant & rdquo;) & raquo ;, & nbsp; & mdash; the minister explained to AFP.

The migration crisis worsened in & nbsp; November due to the & nbsp; influx of migrants who want to get to & nbsp; Europe through the territory of Belarus. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko believes that the crisis was caused, in particular, by the refusal of the European Union to build camps for refugees. Poland until & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; March banned outsiders from being at the & nbsp; border with & nbsp; Belarus. The ECHR has banned the expulsion of migrants from & nbsp; Poland back to & nbsp; Belarus.