Two more workers die after igniting oxygen at a Russian plant

Two more injured workers died after oxygen ignition at Ust-Ilimsk PPM

Two more Russian workers who suffered from oxygen ignition in November died during a pipeline test at the Ust-Ilimsk Pulp and Paper Mill in the Irkutsk Region. This was reported in the regional Ministry of Health, reports TASS.

Earlier it became known about two victims who died in a Russian hospital from burns.

The ministry clarified that in total five were injured as a result of the accident. workers, four of whom died.

An oxygen leak with a local fire occurred at a production plant of the Ilim Group on November 24. The enterprise continued to operate normally, the fire was liquidated.

Earlier, several explosions thundered at the ammunition and explosives plant in the city of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. The accident partially collapsed the building, injuring two people.



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